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Plastic Donation Center [PDC] principally works at securing the environment by improving the civic sense. Its goals incorporate complete recycling of plastic, cleanliness, education, awareness and social welfare. Our group members are educating and including kids and youth in different environmental awareness programs just as self-improve development programs. Healthy campaigns, writings, seminars or conferences, rallies are significant activities of the mission. It will also give advocacy and field. The association achieves its targets through working away at Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Goals

We strive to maintain highest standards cleanliness by collecting plastics and selling them for charity purpose. Following are our Goals for the first of its Kind Plastic Donation Center for environment protection and life upliftment.

  • Treating plastic as a charity rather than money, where individuals can give their utilised plastic to our centres for the welfare of our mother earth and the environment.
  • Awareness about the dangers created by disposed of plastics; our team characterises 'awareness' as the social difference in plastic utilisation (plastic utilisation to decrease).
  • Available Alternatives to Disposable Plastic would be feature through different activities, including residents and implementation organisations. Cloth bags, paper bags, and steel products to be accessible and will be promoting.
  • Welfare by creating employment for the denied area of the general public.
  • Supporting the feeding programs which are working for the underprivileged.
  • Conducting Tree Maintenance and Plantation Drives.

We Offer

Available Alternatives to Disposable Plastic which would be featured through different activities, including residents and implementation organisations. Cloth bags, paper bags, and steel products to be accessible and will be promoting.

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Our Mission

PDC accepts that effortlessness goes connected at the holding hand with style. We uncomplicate the way toward discarding the recyclable waste for our clients. Yet, we are not content with merely plastic waste management. We need to build a better world.

To give residents a platform to provide their plastic waste with recycling facilities, and fill in as point access among residents and recyclers
To serve NGOs as relentless and reasonable sources of pay, in this manner, creating social causes.
To achieve social upliftment of the rag-pickers in our connectivity.
To motivate residents to straightforwardly take an interest in recycling, welfare causes and social upliftment.



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We are trusted with more than 1,000 volunteer who are helping us to clean the environment and help the community.

We are all set and fill with passion for plastic recycling, join our movement to support the Cause with more passion.

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